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Policy design for the Anthropocene

Onderzoek Carolyn Fischer Environmental economist Carolyn Fischer et al. had their article on Policy design for the Anthropocene published in Nature Sustainability, a special edition of Nature.

Need for speed? Exchange latency and liquidity change

Resaerch SBE VUFlash boys want flash markets. Exchanges invest to make their matching engines clock at ever higher speeds. In this study Albert Menkveld proposes a model of trading with speed at the heart of it. Read more >>

Treat outliers for risk models with due care!

Research SBE VURisk managers, pension funds, asset managers and banks nowadays use advanced models to assess the risk of investment portfolios. An important issue, however, is how to deal with so-called outliers in high-frequency data. In this study, a new technique was developed to deal with anomalous observations in high-frequency data. Read more >>

Temporal myopia in sustainable behavior under uncertainty

Resaerch SBE VUIn recent years our world is confronted with a number of societal problems, among which are problems related to sustainability and problems related to an increase in levels of felt uncertainty. This research shows that uncertainty due to world’s unpredictability leads to lower sustainable behavior in comparison to certainty. Read more >>

The career as a ‘makeable’ phenomenon… but what about career shocks?

Resaerch SBE VUResearch on career development has recently emphasized the ‘makeability’ of careers. While this approach to career development has a lot of merits, it also overemphasizes the role of individual control over one’s career. Therefore, we argue that career shocks should be considered much more explicitly in research and practice on contemporary careers. Read more >>