Part-time PhD in Business and Management at ABRI

The Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI) offers a new part-time PhD programme for management practitioners. This programme supports executives and management professionals with a relevant background in conducting PhD-level research, and facilitates them in matching their professional experience with excellent academic insights. 

ABRI’s part-time PhD programme offers a conveniently structured trajectory, intensive academic and mentoring support, access to VU Amsterdam facilities, a great research community, a professional and innovative environment and an extensive array of enrichment activities. For more information and application details, please visit the programme’s webpage.

With the part-time PhD programme, ABRI aims to support business leaders in:

  • Leveraging their expertise for the creation of innovative business concepts
  • Leveraging existing research findings into a new integrated knowledge
  • Learning to conduct high quality research
  • Publishing their work in international business and scientific journals
  • Becoming part of a stimulating academic community

What makes ABRI’s part-time PhD programme a great choice?

  • Teaching and supervision by internationally renowned professors
  • Research support from VU research centres specialising in different business topics (e.g., servant leadership and professional services)
  • A unique programme design, focused on a sequential development of academic research papers
  • Intellectually stimulating research community
  • Excellent location and facilities
  • A module-based programme enabling participation of highly-mobile and international participants

Unique characteristics of the programme

  • Each programme year follows a cycle of research paper development
  • The learning process is deliberately divided into the six sequential modules
  • Attainable milestones are set to allow working professionals to stay on track
  • The focus on developing academic writing skills enables participants to publish their research work in international peer-reviewed journals

For information about the part-time PhD programme in Economics, please click here