Part-time PhD in Economics

Mid-career economists seeking a part-time PhD position

Candidates who wish to write a dissertation on a part-time basis are facilitated through supervision, access to the library and research seminars organized by the School. In some cases office space is provided as well.

Applicants are advised to write a short research proposal which fits in one of the research programmes of the School (for more information on our research see the research portal and the departments) and send this, together with a cv and motivation letter, to the potential supervisor. This is possible throughout the year. There is no application deadline.

If the potential supervisor is interested in supervising the research project, the proposal will be elaborated. When the research proposal is finished, the candidate can start her or his research. The candidate will receive a ‘VU-NET-ID’ which will give access to the library and an email-address. If needed a tailor made plan for education (up to 30ECTS) will be made in consultation with the supervisor and the Director of the Graduate School. The part time PhD student is required to pay a fee of €5,000 euro for the entire period. The fee will be used by the School to pay the courses at the Tinbergen Institute, or the Amsterdam Business Research Institute and or other graduate schools.

Part time PhD students will not receive a salary or scholarship, and thus must be financially independent. Only candidates with a university master degree are eligible for this programme.

For questions, please contact Ina Putter (

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