Hermine Weijland Fellowship for Female Academic Talent


The School of Business and Economics established the Hermine Weijland Fellowship in 2017 with the aim of attracting and promoting female academic talent. This prestigious fellowship seeks to encourage promising female academics to join SBE and to improve the gender balance at senior levels. The fellowship bears the name of Hermine Weijland (1932-2001), who started at SBE in the 1960s, first as a student, and later as an employee. She was one of the first women to attain her PhD at SBE and went on to build a successful career as an academic.

Hermine's life and outlook still serves as inspiration for female academics today: brief description of Hermine Weijland’s life and career (pdf).

Overview of the Fellowship

Hermine Weijland Fellowship VUThe fellowship will be used to recruit two Assistant/Associate Professors every year. This will be done within the SBE personnel and professorship plan. This means that every year two vacant positions will be earmarked as suitable for a Hermine Weijland Fellow. Every calendar year, a decision will be made about which departments can accommodate the Hermine Weijland Fellows. The SBE Board together with the faculty's HR department will ensure that the HW Fellowship positions are distributed fairly between the academic departments over consecutive years.

Recruitment and Selection

Each calendar year, a decision will be made about which departments can accommodate the Hermine Weijland Fellows. The two vacancies for Assistant/associate Professorships will be filled using open recruitment procedures. Applications must include a CV, publication list, teaching dossier, letter outlining vision on development of Teaching and Research, and two reference letters. Candidates will be selected by a selection committee within the department. The HWF Steering Committee (see below) will play an advisory role in this process. The selection committee will nominate the selected candidate by submitting the relevant proposal to the SBE Board.

Hermine Weijland Fellowship Steering Committee

The HWF Steering Committee consists of three professors, including two female academics, who represent the various research disciplines of SBE. This committee plays an ambassador role for the Fellowship in the networks in which it operates. In addition, the committee takes an advisory role in the recruitment and promotion of Fellows, with the aim of monitoring and upholding the quality of the Fellowship. The committee, which also acts as a sounding board for the SBE Board and the HR department, will be actively involved in the future development of the Hermine Weijland Fellowship. The members of the steering committee are: Prof. Anna Gold; Prof. Marleen Huysman; and Prof. Maarten Lindeboom.