Research Data Management at SBE

Good data stewardship is one of the prime responsibilities of a professional research organization. VU Amsterdam has adopted a university wide data management policy, accompanied by faculty specific supplemental policies.

SBE Research Data Management Policy

Data management is a multi-faceted concept. The focal points of the current policies are primarily:

  • ensuring scientific integrity and accountability, and in particular research verifiability;
  • ensuring research compliance with the legal environment, in particular on privacy sensitive data;
  • ensuring data access over longer periods (10 years), even in cases where researchers leave the university.

SBE also fosters the concepts of open access, open data, and reproducibility (which requires a much higher level of standardization and user-friendly documentation of research output). These additional concepts, however, are not part of this policy document.

Further updates of this policy document are expected as data management requirements and standards, legal restrictions, and IT infrastructure develop further.