About us

The Research Office provides support for research-related activities. More specifically, we offer:

  • information and advice on funding opportunities
  • support for the development and submission of research proposals with respect to legal, financial, and administrative issues
  • advice on project design and management
In addition, we:
  • offer a single point of entry for outside partners to collaborate with us on research related activities
  • systematically collect and document information on research activities within SBE
  • are in direct contact with experts within VU Amsterdam (e.g. Subsidiedesk, International Office, IXA) and outside VU Amsterdam (e.g. NWO, RvO)
  • collect and disseminate information on best practices
Do you need help with practical, financial, administrative, or legal issues? We can give you advice on how to develop your idea into a research proposal and support you in all the steps of the grant application. Contact us at researchoffice.sbe@vu.nl