Frequently Asked Questions about the Honours Programme

Q: Is there a tuition fee or other costs involved in participating in the Honours Programme?
A: The Honours Programme is for free. The only additional costs involve books or other study material. Some interdepartmental courses include an excursion to Rome or Vienna for which you have to bear the costs.

Q: What happens to the Honours courses I passed if I decide to stop or if I fail to meet the GPA requirement?
A: Passing courses is no waste of effort. All Honours courses will appear as extracurricular courses supplementing your diploma, also in case you complete five Honours courses with a GPA below 7.5

Q: Does the GPA of at least 7.5 apply to my bachelor or my bachelor plus Honours courses?
A: GPA of bachelor grades only.

Q: I fear that the extra exams of Honours courses during exam weeks will lower my grades.
A: Honours Courses do not involve exams, but assignments, essays, presentations etc. Deadlines are outside exam periods.

Q: I fear that the Honours Programme will lower my grades to obtain Cum Laude.
A: There is hardly evidence for this fear. Many Honours students obtain Cum Laude and Honours.

Q: Can I combine Honours and act as a board member of study associations?
A: Yes, the exam committee grants exemptions from the three-year rule if you decide to act as a board member of Aureus and Kraket.