Structure of the SBE Honours Programme

VU vlag

2 SBE HP courses12 EC
2 VU HP interdisciplinary courses12 EC
1 HP elective or Research-Assistantship 6 EC

Enrollment in HP courses
You register for SBE HP courses on VUnet and make inquiries by mailing to SBE:

For interdisciplinary HP courses, we refer to the VU honours programme for details on enrollment. There you can also find information on how to participate in the second-half of your first year. 

SBE HP courses
Most SBE HP courses are already given for several years, but occasionally new courses are announced and others sometimes skip a year (the study guide contains the latest information). In year 2 and 3 of your bachelor, you may choose

  • Behavioral Game Theory, period 1, lecturer Dr. Harold Houba
  • The Economics of Globalization: A Transaction Costs Perspective, period 4, lecturers Prof. dr. Henri de Groot and Prof. dr. Frank den Butter
  • Contemporary challenges in corporate strategy, period 5, lecturer Dr. Jingshu Du
  • Bubbles and Crashes, period 5, lecturer Dr. Arjen Siegman
  • Research Assistantship, year round, SBE HP coordinator 

The study guide contains detailed information per course.

VU HP interdisciplinary courses
These courses are offered by all faculties from VU, UvA and Amsterdam University College (AUC). Twice a year, HP students will be invited to participate in a try-out class in which all interdisciplinary HP courses are presented. During these meetings, details how to enroll will be provided. See also VU honours programme.

HP elective course or Research-Assistantship
Your fifth HP course is an elective and it is up to you to choose from all HP courses available. The SBE HP course taken in the first year also counts as an elective. You can also use this course for a research assistantship (RA) in which you perform a tutored research project. It is possible to combine it with your BSc thesis. The research assistantship is organized at the level of the faculty and it has to be approved by the SBE HP coordinator (see study guide).