GMAT® (Graduate Management Admission Test)

The GMAT is a standardized test that measures suitability for university education. The GMAT is used worldwide at leading universities and business schools. The GMAT tests basic verbal, mathematical and analytical skills. The test costs approximately 250 US dollars. For more information about the GMAT and to sign up for the test, visit When planning the GMAT, please note that it takes approximately 20 days for the School to receive your official score. For information about requesting extra time (for example in case of dyslexia) at the GMAT, please contact the relevant GMAT test center. This is a very rigorous and lengthy procedure. The GMAT may be taken once every sixteen calendar days and a maximum of five times a year. If you take the GMAT, you enter at the beginning that the VU University Amsterdam (School of Business and Economics) may receive your score. 

The School of Business and Economics accepts the online GMAT as well. The faculty requires results on your verbal and quantitative knowledge; both sections that can be completed during the online exam. 

In order to obtain a good score on the GMAT, thorough preparation is of great importance. The VU University Amsterdam offers a ten-week course in which a thorough preparation is given by expert teachers, the GMAT preparation course. The next course will be given from half August until the end of October. The precise dates will follow. 

For enrollment in the premaster it is necessary that the School receives your official score via the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council). Make sure that you complete all steps for enrolling in the premaster in Studielink and VUnet before 1 February.

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