Annual Meeting 2015

The Annual Meeting of the IMA Chapter Amsterdam was held on May 27, 2015. Theme of this years’ Annual Meeting was ‘The Finance Professional’. Speakers: Lisa M. Beaudoin CMA (Educational Partnerships of IMA) and Nina Michels-Kim CMA (Director of European Operations of IMA). Michiel Rovers RC (VRC Board), Jacques Vervuurt RA RC (VRC Board) and Coen Reinders RC (director of Finance and Control at Schiphol Group) discussed the NBA-VRC-report “Vision Statement on the Profession of Financial Professional”.

Annual Meeting 2014

The Annual Meeting 2014 has taken place on the 14th of May. The theme of this meeting was 'Trends in Management Accounting'. Speakers include Prof. Fred Vlotman, Henri van Horn and Elbert de With.

Annual Meeting 2013

The subject of the Annual Meeting 2013 (held on May 22) was 'Strategic Cost Management in Turbulent Times'. Speakers: Gary Cokins, Frank Muusse (Philips), Bart de Beus and Eelco Bilstra (PGGM) and Duane Jenkins (Department of Home Security).).

Annual Meeting 2012

The Annual Meeting of 2012 has taken place in June 2012. The subject of the meeting was: Controller and Risk Management. Speakers: Nina Michels-Kim (IMA), Urjan Claassen (Clascon) and Arthur de Hart (Tata Steel).

Annual meeting 2011

De Annual Meeting van 2011 is gehouden op woensdag 18 mei 2011. Het onderwerp was: Rol van de Controllers in Europa bij de Randstad organisatie in diverse Europese organisaties (Nederland, Frankrijk en Duitsland). Speakers: Frank Jonk en Jean-Paul Ory.

Annual Meeting 2010

De Annual Meeting van 2010 is gehouden op 2 juni. Het onderwerp was: Management Control Systemen bij Nederlandse ondernemingen. De sprekers waren Elbert de With en Janneke Egberts (VU); Rob Lanen en Hans van Slooten (Randstad).

Annual Meeting 2009      

The Annual Meeting has taken place in May 2009. The subject was Management Accounting Practices in the USA and The Netherlands. Speakers: Jim Gurowka (IMA), Paul Claes (VU University) and Yves de Vries (Corporate Reporting Mexx Europe).

Annual Meeting 2008

The Annual Meeting has taken place in October 2008. Presentation by Gary Cokins about Management Accounting.

Annual Meeting 2007 

The Annual Meeting was in June. The subject was Budgeting: Theory and Practise. Presentations by Elbert de With, Frans Roozen, Liselotte Mak and Job Telling.

Annual Meeting 2006

The Annual Meeting has taken place in June. The subject was Transformation in Control and Finance. Presentations by Paul Sharman, Jan Kooiker and Ruben Stappers.

Annual Meeting 2005

The Annual Meeting was in June. The subject was New Trends in Performance Management. Presentations by Gary Cokins, Dylan Dresens and Jurjen Jongma).

Annual Meeting 2004

The Annual Meeting has taken place in June. The subject was Strategic Alliances. Presentations by Henri Dekker, Peter Bastmeyer an Rob Mars.

First Annual Meeting 2003

On May 8, 2003 a symposium was held at VU University in Amsterdam that included prominent speakers in the field of management accounting. The symposium also celebrated the launch of a new IMA chapter in the Netherlands.

Rosemary Amato, CMA, CPA, a member of IMA since 1976 and a former president of the Atlanta Chapter of IMA moderated the symposium. Ms. Amato initiated the process of a chapter formation in Amsterdam in July 2000.

Speakers at this symposium included Jan Kooiker, Chairman of the Dutch Controllers Institute, who addressed the changing role of the financial professional, Aloys Hosman, Controller of Heineken International, speaking on innovations in management accounting applied at Heineken, Charles Ruffolo, President of the Amsterdam American Business Club, who spoke about the art of professional networking and Jeffrey Albrechtson, Manager-International Programs representing IMA's US headquarters. He addressed the audience with an overview of the organization and its international activities.

There are 361 members of IMA in The Netherlands with 90 CMAs and 56 CFMs. This represents one half of IMA members present in Europe. The Amsterdam Chapter represents the renewal of membership efforts to promote IMA as a global organization and to further the opportunities for CMA/CFM in Europe.

A major focus for this chapter will also be the promotion of CMA/CFM programs in conjunction with VU University. The chapter wishes to work closely with the Controllers Institute whose primary purpose is to organize professional education programs for accounting professionals in the Netherlands.

Key initiatives for the chapter include the stimulation of membership participation in key cities of the Netherlands, assistance to Dutch and US companies, and to provide networking opportunities for members and accounting professionals in this region. Another chapter conference is planned for October 2003.

Mr. Albrechtson (manager of International Programs) presented the official charter for the new chapter to the members of the Organizing Committee at the symposium.

Marcus Preijde, senior financial analyst for ParCom Ventures has been elected as the new chapter president for Amsterdam. Mr. Preijde acknowledged the efforts of a supportive organizing committee that included Rosemary Amato, Elbert de With, Norbert Vis, Zweder Sluijter, Rijna Smidt van deer Veer and Peter Westerhuijs. All are Certified Management Accountants.

Special recognition was given to Elbert de With, CMA/CFM Program Director at VU University Amsterdam. He has been responsible for IMA certification in this country. Mr. de With believes that the CMA/CFM programs have a very bright future in Europe.